5.2 How to Write and Post Web Articles - 3 Create a copy of your Article and add image placeholder text.

#3 Create a copy of your Article and add placeholder numbers above each image.
Website images are handled differently from text in that text can be copy pasted directly into a website article. Images on the other hand must be transferred and posted one at a time as websites and the internet consider every image to be an individual link. Therefore, we need to create a text only version of our Libre Writer document before we can transfer the article to our website. This involves replacing each image with a placeholder number and then saving each image as a separate file. Here is a copy of our Welcome article with the placeholder numbers above each image:

Welcome to our website. Our mission is to help you!


We offer all kinds of tips to help you achieve your goals.


We also a network to help you reach others.



We are a great resource for helping you achieve your goals! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Save the copy of the 0-Welcome article as w0-welcome with both articles in your 0 Welcome folder which is in your Articles folder. Thus, you will have TWO versions of each article. Next, close the first Document and continue working with the WEB version of your Welcome article.